...Bill Anderson had a dream to one day make a go of it on his own. After graduation from Rolla High School in 1962, and then from the University of Missouri-Rolla(MS&T) with both a bachelor's and master's degree in Civil Engineering in 1967, he set out with his new bride Jamie to make his name in the world. First he headed to Kansas City, then St. Louis, followed by a few years down in sunny Florida...

Along the way there came three children, new locales and challenges, ...but there was always the call to return home. A call to return to family, to a life with small town values, to Rolla. So, in the winter of 1975, the Andersons left the security of employment with big engineering firms to move back home.

Soon after, Anderson & Associates was founded on Bishop avenue (now the site of MS&T's Havener Center) in 1976.

Over the past forty one years, Anderson & Associates has performed over 5000 jobs with thousands of clients in mid-Missouri ranging from small surveys to assisting the federal government in the expansion of Fort Leonard Wood.

Rely on us put our forty one years of experience to work for you!

Drafting & Building Design perhaps have changed the most in the last forty one years.
Subsurface investigations with a Drill Rig, both then and today.
Jamie Anderson at the office in the late 70s.
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